Script Lift Analysis

Measure with confidence script engagement and script lift

Measure the effectiveness of your HCP marketing campaigns to determine changes in volume and frequency of your drug prescriptions with our in-house script lift analysis solution

A differentiated level of measurement methodology

Our script lift analysis is a refined and well-oiled methodology that takes learning from the numerous script analysis we’ve executed into the past. We have been able to strike the right balance of Machine Learning (ML) and human feedback loops to eliminate skewed and biased results.

Disease State

We factor in general disease state to understand how environmental, economical and other health conditions may impact prescriptions for market

Control Prescribers

A list of control prescribers are carefully hand picked based on criteria that closely matches your program demographics, experience, and speciality

Different Methodologies

We apply different statistical methodologies to your data to ensure that we are analyzing it from all angles

Understand how to profitably scale your sales

Our delivered report empowers you to take all guess work from your marketing efforts so that you can improve your ROI.

  • Detailed report at the HCP-level with the number of prescriptions overtime so that do 1:1 attributions
  • Assistance in identifying look-a-like audiences based on key attributes of high-value prescribers
  • Consulting services on how to better align your marketing campaign with your publishers or ad networks