About Us

We create healthcare data products and services

Evalytics is a new leading full-scale agency specializing in data, technology, and consulting services for the healthcare industry

Everyone can have access to data but very few know how to derive information from that data

The healthcare industry generates an exponential amount of data every second. This data if mined correctly can generate valuable insights and greatly contribute to the healthcare ecosystem - from the pharma companies trying to thrive and accelerate their processes to the patients at the bottom-line looking for cost-effective and efficient healthcare.

The challenge is that there is a lack of companies that master both state-of-the-art technologies and medical knowledge to bridge that gap. This is where Evalytics fills in the void - we marry technology and medical data to create healthcare products and services.

Our offerings are in the form of data products (data extracts, hosted apps) and data services (market research, consulting).

Led by passionate individuals who are looking to make a difference

Our team consists of highly skilled data architects, data scientists, product managers and medical advisors that work to build successful medical businesses in their career.